Raising an Independent person, not a dependent person

It drives me up the wall every morning when I drop my son off at school and the other parents won’t let their kids get out of the vehicle until they are as close to the entrance as possible. While I am letting Brody out of the car as we park halfway down the building from the entrance.
He has legs, its not storming, why can’t he walk a couple yards to the door alone? He knows how to get in the building and where to go from there, just like I am sure these other children do. Let your kids walk. Get a little exercise in. Get that heart rate up in the morning. Brody enjoys running to the door and through the mud puddles, its not going to hurt him.
You can’t hold their hands all day long, give them a kiss goodbye at the car and let them go on their way. And don’t worry about whether you’re the first car in line or the last, walking and fresh air is good for them.
Just a rant I’ve been holding in for a while and now I’m done.


Here is Brody the first day of kindergarten. Fall 2014