Life changes bring new adventures

It has been a while since I have posted much of anything. My life has changed so much in the past two years therefore my mindset has changed. I have not been focusing on deal hunting and couponing like I used to, though I will not buy things without a coupon or good sale still. Every penny counts, right?

I had our 2nd son in April of 2014 and our oldest started kindergarten. I also got a part time job at a local bank where I am basically working full time hours. It’s been busy for this family! We have been working on remodeling our house (or something like that) and fixing our credit so we can sell and buy new. My husband also made a new career move in this time. Did I mention that we’ve been busy?

As I have already said; my mindset has changed quite a bit. I think with that, the blog theme will be changing along with it. I don’t want to be writing about deals and coupons and frugal living anymore (even though I am sure that will make it’s way in here often), I want to write about what this title means. “Motherhood isn’t for the weak” and that is the truth, damnit! In the 6 years that I have been a mother I have learned this to be true in more ways than one. And through the mothers I have met along the way the term proves itself again and again. Working moms, stay-at-home moms, homeschooling moms, soccer moms, single moms, head-of-the-house moms, army wife moms, work from home moms, adopted moms, whatever the title may be that you have taken on, it is not for the light hearted. I want to write about motherhood. The beautiful times, the struggles, the “why did I have another kid” moments, the “why am I not having more kids” moments and more. The hair pulling, screaming, temper tantrum, heart tugging, candy bar hiding, “I just want 5 minutes in the bathroom along!” world we call “Motherhood”.

I hope everyone stays interested and likes the new direction. Any topics you want to read about? Let me know!


Potty Time Update: “Accidents happen, Mom.”

I figured it was about time I made a new Potty Time update.  Lots have changed since the last update.  We moved Brody into the bedroom down stairs.  The upstairs bedroom is so small that none of his toys fit in there.  He only had stuffed animals in there with his bed and dresser while all of his other toys were taking up my living room and turning me into a mad woman.

Now he is the bedroom down stairs, which is much bigger.  He thinks it’s awesome being able to have all of his toys, clothes, bed, and even his racecar track rug all in one place!  And I’m enjoying not stepping on Hotwheels and tripping over Monster Trucks all day, everyday…

Since he’s moved down stairs he hasn’t had one bedtime accident either *knock-on-wood* and I thought it would for sure happen several times.  But no messes or anything so far so I am thankful.

We have been having a few issues with him pooping in his pants just a little before he reaches the toilet.  I’m not sure why this is happening.  I’m wondering if it’s just because he gets so distracted that he ignores the fact that he has to go!

Other than that, there’s not too much more to update.  He’s been doing so well.  I am super proud of him.

So since this is so short and sweet, let’s make a conversation out of it!  Are you potty training right now or considering it?  How is it going for you so far?  Please share with me any stories, tips, or experiences.  I’d love to hear more from my readers!

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Potty Time: “I wear Lightening McQueen Underpants, not diapers, Mom!”

Potty training has gone shockingly well since the last update.  I am slowly but surely starting to realize that my little boy is growing up before my eyes and I can’t do anything to slow it down.  He is no longer a baby and he reminds me everyday…a few times a day, at that!

                We are still without a washing machine (hopefully until this weekend. Thank goodness for tax returns!), so if been continuing to put Brody in Pull-Ups at bedtime.  Monday night, when we were getting ready for bed, I told Brody that I was going to go grab him a Pull-Up.  He said to me, “No.  I can’t wear that diaper to bed!  I’m a big boy, Mommy.  I wear my Lightening McQueen underpants to bed.” 

                Now, I was really taken by surprise when he said this, since he’s never really seemed to mind wearing diapers at bed time.  So I explained to him that I was worried about him wetting the bed and he told me that he wasn’t going to pee in his pants, only in the potty.

                After a long discussion about it (and a serious discussion with a 3 year old is just that, LONG) he convinced me to let him wear big boy underwear to bed.  And guess what??  He made it through not only that night, but every night since!  I am one proud Mama at this point. 

                I am also one sad Mama at the same time.  It seems like the baby-time has been leaving me since he was, oh…6 months old!  I’m not saying I would like him to stay a baby forever, but whenever he does something “grown-up” it really hits me hard.  I’m so happy that I’ve raised such a big boy.

                Sorry this post is less silly than my last Potty Time update.  We haven’t had much of a silly week, more of a Mommy reminiscing week.  So I’m sorry I couldn’t entertain again, but I know many of you have had these “My baby is no longer a baby” moments and if you haven’t yet, believe me, you will soon enough. 

                Thank you for reading my ramblings.  I feel ridiculous being sad about my son wanting to wear underpants to bed, but I can’t help it.  On a more ‘frugal’ note, our diaper money can now be saved for something that is a lot more fun than changing diapers and that list is very long.

                Please reminisce with me and share any proud mommy stories in the comments section.  Also, please don’t forget so follow my blog, follow me on Pinterest, ‘like’ me on Facebook, and share my blog/page with a few friends.  I appreciate all the support I have been getting so far and am thankful for everyone who reads my blog.