Finish Dishwashing Quantum – Free Sample!

Click here to request your free sample of Finish Dishwashing Quantum! I haven’t seen a free dishwasher tabs sample yet. I’m excited!

Allow 4-6 weeks for your sample to mail to you.

Free Atkins Samples

I got this sample in the mail a few weeks ago, and it is seriously one of the best samples I’ve ever got!  It came with 3 full size Atkins bars (which were all delicious), a mini Atikins cook book, and coupons! Make sure to sign up for this one.

Mail’s Here!

Today, I a free Martha Stewart magazine in my mailbox. Then the UPS guy showed up with a box from Psst, that had 2 FREE boxes of Hamburger Helper that came with 10, count em, 10 coupons that are .70 cents off 1 box! The next time Hamburger Helper is 10/$10, I will get them for .30 cents! And even cheaper if I have any mPerks coupons.

Psst is a General Mills website that will send you emails with information on coupons and free samples. Sign up to become a Psst member by going to so you can get awesome freebies like the one I got today.

What kind of free samples did everyone else get today? Please, let me know in the comments section!

$2.00 Stouffer’s coupon

Click the link below to ‘like’ Stouffer’s Facebook page, then print off a $2.00 off 1 Lasagna coupon.  If you would like it mailed to you, go to the print screen and press the help button in the bottom right corner and will mail it to your house within a few days.

Let me know if you find a good deal to use this coupon in.

Free Crystal Light Energy Sample

Go to Crystal light’s Facebook page (or click the link below) and play the Energy Dash Challenge (must complete all 4 stages) and see if you qualify to receive a Crystal Light Energy sample or coupon! This only took me about 3 minutes to complete and I have a free sample coming in the mail. Let me know if you get one too!