Life changes bring new adventures

It has been a while since I have posted much of anything. My life has changed so much in the past two years therefore my mindset has changed. I have not been focusing on deal hunting and couponing like I used to, though I will not buy things without a coupon or good sale still. Every penny counts, right?

I had our 2nd son in April of 2014 and our oldest started kindergarten. I also got a part time job at a local bank where I am basically working full time hours. It’s been busy for this family! We have been working on remodeling our house (or something like that) and fixing our credit so we can sell and buy new. My husband also made a new career move in this time. Did I mention that we’ve been busy?

As I have already said; my mindset has changed quite a bit. I think with that, the blog theme will be changing along with it. I don’t want to be writing about deals and coupons and frugal living anymore (even though I am sure that will make it’s way in here often), I want to write about what this title means. “Motherhood isn’t for the weak” and that is the truth, damnit! In the 6 years that I have been a mother I have learned this to be true in more ways than one. And through the mothers I have met along the way the term proves itself again and again. Working moms, stay-at-home moms, homeschooling moms, soccer moms, single moms, head-of-the-house moms, army wife moms, work from home moms, adopted moms, whatever the title may be that you have taken on, it is not for the light hearted. I want to write about motherhood. The beautiful times, the struggles, the “why did I have another kid” moments, the “why am I not having more kids” moments and more. The hair pulling, screaming, temper tantrum, heart tugging, candy bar hiding, “I just want 5 minutes in the bathroom along!” world we call “Motherhood”.

I hope everyone stays interested and likes the new direction. Any topics you want to read about? Let me know!


Bar-S Smoked Sausage Coupons

Click here to get your $1.00 off Bar-S Smoked Sausage coupon.

This is a pretty high value coupon considering that a lot of times Bar-S products are 10/$10. I have also emailed Bar-S in the past asking for coupons and they sent me a $3 off any amount of Bar-S products. I was able to score a whole bunch of hot dogs for an incredible deal at Family Fare when they were onsale B1G1 free!

Try emailing them and see if they are still able to give coupons away upon requests and make sure to let us know!

mPerks Pepsi Coupon Codes

To get coupon offers for Pepsi Products, sign into your mPerks account and type in “pepsisweeps” to receive up to 5 coupon offers! When I put in the code, I unlocked 5 coupon offers, but you know mPerks, sometimes we don’t all always get the same deals.

Put in the code and let me know what kind of coupons you get!

New year; New outlooks

_MG_8181 Edited JPG

I have never been apart of Twitter personally or with my blog before. It didn’t really interest me and I didn’t think that it was a big thing for others either. It turns out that I’m wrong…!

There are people on Twitter than I had imagined and after doing some research on this social networking site, it turns out that it is a great way to promote a business or website.

So, I am happy to announce that Motherhood Isnt For The Weak is finally “tweeting” with the rest of the world.

Follow me; @Mhoodisnt4Weak so you can have another way to stay updated on my posts, free samples, coupons, and all things parenting and frugal living.

Thank you for continuing to support me in all of my virtual forms!


Zulily John Deere Boots sale

Zulily is having a sale on John Deere Boots for Kids and Toddlers up to 70% off!

This sale ends Thursday 8/30 so hurry and grab your favorite pair! 

Who is your family is going to love these boots? I know my son would be extremely excited to get a pair of “working boots”.

If you would like a Zulily Membership (which is free!), let me know and I can send you a request.

Tide NFL Offer

Tide is giving away free NFL Towels! Click here, Enter a UPC code from a Tide product (037000090908), and then enter the promo code (92298033).

They give you the option of which NFL team you would like on your towel. I picked the Detriot Lions and I’ll probably save it for my son for one of his Christmas gifts.

Which team are you going to get and who is it for?


Target Free Deals 7/8-7/14

Here are this weeks Target FREE deals you wont want to miss out on this week!

Comet Stainless Steal Powder, 17 oz. = $1.99


  1. Target Coupon – $1/1 Comet Stainless Steal Cleaning Product. (90210 zip code)
  2. – $1/1 Comet Stainless Steal Cleaning Product. (has a Walmart Picture on it, but does not say you can only use it at Walmart)

= Free!!

Bayer Chewable Asprin, 36 count. = $2.29


  1. 6/24 SS – $3.00/1 Bayer Asprin Product.

= Free!!

Heinz Vinegar 16oz = $1.00


  1. 6/24 SS – $1.00/1 Heinz Vinegar

= Free!!

Let me know if you score these free deals or if you find a deal that I didn’t find.