Raising an Independent person, not a dependent person

It drives me up the wall every morning when I drop my son off at school and the other parents won’t let their kids get out of the vehicle until they are as close to the entrance as possible. While I am letting Brody out of the car as we park halfway down the building from the entrance.
He has legs, its not storming, why can’t he walk a couple yards to the door alone? He knows how to get in the building and where to go from there, just like I am sure these other children do. Let your kids walk. Get a little exercise in. Get that heart rate up in the morning. Brody enjoys running to the door and through the mud puddles, its not going to hurt him.
You can’t hold their hands all day long, give them a kiss goodbye at the car and let them go on their way. And don’t worry about whether you’re the first car in line or the last, walking and fresh air is good for them.
Just a rant I’ve been holding in for a while and now I’m done.


Here is Brody the first day of kindergarten. Fall 2014


FREE Alphabet Coloring Sheets

Click here to download a free phonics alphabet coloring sheet. Great for Pre-school and Kindergarten aged children who are homeschooled or need busy work for after school. Tell me what you think!


Unexpected Purell Deal

On Saturday, during my longer than expected trip to Meijer, I found an awesome unexpected deal on trial sized items.  Which are one of my favorites to shop for.

Trial size items are great for storing in your purse or diaper bag, putting in a gift basket, donating to women’s centers or homeless shelters, or even for everyday use.

At Meijer last week all trial sized items were B2G1 Free (buy two get one free).  This deal caught me by surprise, so I started filling the cart with deodorant, shaving cream, baby soap, shaving cream, razors, shaving cream (have I mentioned shaving cream yet?  I needed it!  That’s another story though).  Then I cam across trial sized Purell Hand Sanitizer.  I remembered that I had some Purell coupons from last Sunday’s paper.

The coupon was $1.00 off any 3 Purell products of any size.  Combined with a B2G1 Free deal, I only paid $1.00 for 3!  I ended up grabbing about 9 of them.  I plan on making a gift bag for Brody’s Pre-School teacher that he can give her on the first day of school along with all the other school supplies deals that I get my hands on and the gift basket will most likely be a Thirty-One bag (of course!).

I am posting these unexpected deals to remind you how useful it is to bring your coupon binder to the store with you.  I wouldn’t have gotten this great deal with out bringing my binder with me.

Don’t forget to share your unexpected deals with me, tag me in your haul pictures on Facebook, and share my page with your friends.  The more likes that the page gets, the more giveaways we can do and I have lots of giveaways lined up so get to sharing!

Keep on saving,