Meijer Huggies Deal


When you buy one Jumbo Huggies pack of diapers, get one Huggies tub of wipes or refill of wipes for FREE!

Add on these savings:

-$1.50/1 Little Movers Slip On Diapers – 2/24 SS

-$1.00/1 Huggies Diaper – 2/24 SS

-0.50/1 Huggies Wipes – 2/24 SS


Huggies Santa Diaper Jumbo Pack Deal


Click Here to get a pack of Huggies Santa Diapers for only $1.00! You can have them ship it to a store near you for free. There were none instock at any of the stores by me, but you may have better luck. Let me know how you do with this deal!

Save on Formula: If I only knew then what I know now.

I believe I have mentioned before that if you sign up on formula brand websites, you have the chance of receiving samples and coupons for the products.

Now, in the past I hadn’t received anything very ‘post worthy.’ Recently I have received a pack of trial size Enfamil formula with coupons. Also a whole can of Similac formula and a whole can of Similac Sensitive formula. Along with 4 $5.00/1 coupons! When small cans or pre-mixed formula goes on sale, I can get it for free or for just a few cents with those coupons. When Brody was a baby, we paid close to $25.00 for the can of regular Similac and they sent me a ‘sample’ of the same size.

Getting free samples and deals like this makes me wish I would have known about couponing, deal hunting, and free samples years ago. Getting surprises like this in the mail would have helped make things much easier with a newborn on an even tighter budget than we have now.

The samples don’t expire until late 2013-2015. I’m going to hang on to my samples for a while. If I don’t end up using/needing them a few months before they expire, I donate them to our local Women’s Center.

If you haven’t signed up for these sites yet, do so now to start saving for your baby or help others save for their’s. Head over to Similac, Enfamil, and Good Start to sign up. Also keep an eye out for Walmart or Sam’s Club free sample formula that I will post every time I see they are available.

Have you already signed up for these offers or plan to sign up for them? What are you going to do with your coupons and samples, hang on to them, give them to someone, or donate them?

Unexpected Deal on Enfagrow!


On Saturday, I went shopping at Meijer.  My trip was only supposed to consist of a few awesome deals.  But as things normally go, I found a few more amazing savings.  Then a few turned into a lot and I ended up filling the cart full.

One incredibly unexpected deal that I found was on Enfagrow Toddler Milk.  I had “clipped” a mPerks coupon for $5.00 off one 4 pack of Enfagrow.

When I was strolling through the baby food aisle, I stopped to check out the price of 4 packs.  They were not on sale, but they are regularly priced at only $5.99!

I was able to get one pack for only .99 cents!  If you are able to find another coupon to combine with it you could get it at an even better price or Free!  I recently checked my husband’s mPerks account and the coupon is still available to clip.

Please share your awesome unexpected deals with us.  Leave a comment below or take a picture of your haul and post it on Motherhood isn’t for the weak’s Facebook page.  Don’t forget to share the page with your friends. The more ‘likes’ on the page, the more giveaways we can do!

Happy Deal Hunting,


Mom2Mom Sale in Greenville and Rockford 3/10/12

There is a Mom to Mom Sale in Greenville, MI this weekend and one in Rockford, MI.  I was considering stopping and checking it out since my son is going to need new summer clothes this year and I know about a billion people who are expecting so I figured it might be worth a look.  Check out to see if there are any sales coming to your area or to submit a sale to the website.

I’ve never been to a Mom to Mom sale before.  Please let me know your thoughts and opinions on them if you’ve been a few times or go quite regularly.  Also, let me know if you’ve never been to one before so I don’t feel so left out! Haha!

Awesome online Childrens Place deals – Free shipping today ONLY!

Tees & Shorts $6 & up |  New Reductions on Clearance  up to 50% off |  Sneek Peek New Summer Arrivals

There are some awesome deals going on at including 50% on clearance, tees and shorts for as low as $6.00, and Free Shipping TODAY ONLY!

Check out www.retailmenot.comto find awesome online coupon codes for nearly every shopping website.  The best coupon I found was 20% off the entire order using this code — D7FQ5KTM22. Let me know if it works out and let me know what kind of awesome deals you score!

Enjoy Free Shipping on every order - today only March 5, 2012

Clearance Toddler Boots at Target

Toddler boy’s winter boots at Target. They were $20.00, now only $7.00!!! Amazing deal! Grab them in a size bigger for next winter!

Toddler Boys Cars Winter Boots - Black

Clearanced Maternity Clothes! Some great deals!

I know I have quite a few expectant mothers following my blog. I was asked a few days ago where good Maternity clothes deals can be found.  I was looking at Walmart’s website and found a lot of clearance maternity clothes. Some pieces of clothes for only $5.00 – $10.00. And if you haven’t realized by now, maternity clothes do not come cheap!

Let me know if this was helpful for you and if you find anything worth sharing, please do so!

Faded Glory - Maternity Rib Tanks, 2-Pack   Danskin Now - Maternity Velour Hooded Jacket    Maternity Shirred Tee With Sequin Detail    Danskin Now - Maternity Velour Knit Waist Pants