Huggies Santa Diaper Jumbo Pack Deal


Click Here to get a pack of Huggies Santa Diapers for only $1.00! You can have them ship it to a store near you for free. There were none instock at any of the stores by me, but you may have better luck. Let me know how you do with this deal!


mPerks Pepsi Coupon Codes

To get coupon offers for Pepsi Products, sign into your mPerks account and type in “pepsisweeps” to receive up to 5 coupon offers! When I put in the code, I unlocked 5 coupon offers, but you know mPerks, sometimes we don’t all always get the same deals.

Put in the code and let me know what kind of coupons you get!

New year; New outlooks

_MG_8181 Edited JPG

I have never been apart of Twitter personally or with my blog before. It didn’t really interest me and I didn’t think that it was a big thing for others either. It turns out that I’m wrong…!

There are people on Twitter than I had imagined and after doing some research on this social networking site, it turns out that it is a great way to promote a business or website.

So, I am happy to announce that Motherhood Isnt For The Weak is finally “tweeting” with the rest of the world.

Follow me; @Mhoodisnt4Weak so you can have another way to stay updated on my posts, free samples, coupons, and all things parenting and frugal living.

Thank you for continuing to support me in all of my virtual forms!


Outings on a budget: Kent Theatre


Recently, I have had a few readers request for me do more posts about cheap or free date nights and family activities in the area and I knew exactly which local business would be in my first post; Cedar Springs, Michigan’s very own, Kent Theatre!

The Kent Theatre has been around since 1880, opening up as The Hubbard Opera House and has been dedicated to music, arts, theatre, and entertainment ever since.

Currently, the Kent Theatre is what I like to call, an economy friendly movie theatre. Showing films a few weeks after they have already hit the big screen, this is a great way to in a more laid back and customer oriented than the bigger chain theaters in my opinion.

About a month ago, we took our son to The Kent Theatre to see “Wreck-It Ralph”. It was Brody’s first time going to a movie theater and we had a great time. The tickets were only $3/person! After buying the tickets and a Large popcorn to share and 3 smalls pops, we didn’t even spend $20! When my husband and I go to the chain theaters get 2 tickets, a combo meal of one popcorn and two beverages, we always spend well over $25 on just the two of us! I figured taking Brody some where cheaper would be better for us just incase anything happened and we decided to leave early.

Now if you are someone who needs to see the movie on opening night, this is not going to be the place for you, but if you are just looking for a low-key family night, you might want to check it out.

From the looks of their website most tickets costs between $3-$5/person (I guess it depends on the movie i.e. The Hobbit is $5/person), no matter what age or what time of day. Compared to paying $7-$12 at big chain theatres, that is a heck of a deal!

Some great news: The theatre was facing financial issues, needing a new digital projector system so they could keep getting new movies. They needed to raise $60,000 to replace the system and if they were not able to raise the money, the business would shut down. With the help of the community and the loyal customers the money was raised in 2012, replacing the whole system and keeping another great local business open!

Congrats Kent Theatre! And thank you for the years of service and all the years of service to come!



Is the Kent Theatre not close enough to you? Share with us some of your local theaters or movie screenings that are friendly to the community and friendly to your wallet.