Save on Formula: If I only knew then what I know now.

I believe I have mentioned before that if you sign up on formula brand websites, you have the chance of receiving samples and coupons for the products.

Now, in the past I hadn’t received anything very ‘post worthy.’ Recently I have received a pack of trial size Enfamil formula with coupons. Also a whole can of Similac formula and a whole can of Similac Sensitive formula. Along with 4 $5.00/1 coupons! When small cans or pre-mixed formula goes on sale, I can get it for free or for just a few cents with those coupons. When Brody was a baby, we paid close to $25.00 for the can of regular Similac and they sent me a ‘sample’ of the same size.

Getting free samples and deals like this makes me wish I would have known about couponing, deal hunting, and free samples years ago. Getting surprises like this in the mail would have helped make things much easier with a newborn on an even tighter budget than we have now.

The samples don’t expire until late 2013-2015. I’m going to hang on to my samples for a while. If I don’t end up using/needing them a few months before they expire, I donate them to our local Women’s Center.

If you haven’t signed up for these sites yet, do so now to start saving for your baby or help others save for their’s. Head over to Similac, Enfamil, and Good Start to sign up. Also keep an eye out for Walmart or Sam’s Club free sample formula that I will post every time I see they are available.

Have you already signed up for these offers or plan to sign up for them? What are you going to do with your coupons and samples, hang on to them, give them to someone, or donate them?


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