Why I always need a good shaving cream stock pile (long over due, but worth sharing)

I think it’s been mentioned a few times now in some recent posts, but it’s true. I’ve really needed shaving cream!!

Lets start from the beginning…

For Brody’s Easter gift we moved him into the downstairs “big boy” bedroom. With all the fans going in the summer time, we can’t hear anything else going on in the house which means we are (finally)making use of our baby moniter.

The moniter has been working fabulously, but Brody has learned that some how we can magically hear him and he has developed stealth, super sneaky ninja abilities. These abilitieshave helped him sneak up stairs to our room along with getting into some mischief.

Mischief is what he was getting into when he was supposed to be sleeping a few nights ago…

We thought he was sleeping and then I heard a noise, not from the moniter, but by the steps. I went to see what he was up to and I smelled a weird smell. Like cleaner or…bleach!! I had a mini heart attack, until I looked down and saw my pink nail polish was opened. Then I was angry when I saw my coffee table now had new pink squiggly designs on it.

I told Brody to get to bed and as I walked by the bathroom, the cleaner smell grew stronger. I turned and saw my bathroom was completely covered with the blue foam of shaving cream! Brody had redecorated the bathroom with an entire bottle of shaving cream.

After AJ came downstairs to see the damage and got after Brody for his “mischief” (which, let me tell you, Daddy is a huge softy for Brody) I had Brody grab a towel and help me clean it all up before he went to bed. While we cleaned and Brody’s crying calmed down, he started telling me that cleaning was his job and he was getting very into it. I told him it wasn’t a good job to have and he better think twice before he touches Daddy’s shaving cream again.

He said “Oh, I’ll never do that again,” and then the sobs starts coming back, “Because…I never want Daddy…to be mad again!!!” And the waterworks started up again.

Personally, I thought AJ took it a little too easy on him. I guess it doesn’t matter how he is punished, it’ll always break his heart when his Daddy is upset with him.

Lessons learned:

  • Since this all happened at a time when I didn’t have any back up shaving cream, I learned to start couponing for it and stocking up.
  • Brody learned that I do not want the house redecorated with shaving cream and nail polish.
  • We all learned that you can’t always trust the baby moniter.

I did end up finding some great deals on shaving cream at Meijer that week, thankfully. So we are all set for a while. Now if only I could get my husband to shave more freguently…


Got any funny kid stories? Share them in the comments section. Feel like it’s too good or detailed of a story for just a comment? Send me an email about making a guest post!


2 thoughts on “Why I always need a good shaving cream stock pile (long over due, but worth sharing)

  1. “Hello This is Poisson control how may I help you?….

    Charli is the strongest willed, stubborn, loving, sensitive, amazing kid I know. Grant, me being her mother might make me a bit biased. She has amazed me with her ability to find a way to get into anything. It is b/c of her that my house has gone into lock down. Locks on every cabinet and hook locks on both the closet and bathroom doors. The bathroom door earned its hook the night that Charli learned that she could scale the gate quickly and with out sound. That is the night that my second child graced me again with a first time mommy lesson. I was at that moment in sleep, the in between, not asleep but not awake either. I heard something in the bathroom. With my heart racing (did I mention that I am afraid of the dark?) I crawled out of bed and as quietly as I could I walked towards the door. I flip on the light and found not the scary monster my mind was imagining but my three year. In her hand was the half empty tube of tooth paste that had been full that morning. I immediately switch to mommy brain. I grab the tube and began to read and it said that I would need to call poison control IMMEDIATELY! I was so worried that she was going to be seriously hurt. Looked up and dialed the number and waited for the answer and this leads us back to where I started. Charli was just fine and Mommy learned that the calcium in milk helps to keep the body from absorbing the fluoride in toothpaste.

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