Healthy Snack of the week

My favorite healthy snack this week is greek yogurt. I know, last week it was frozen greek yogurt and now this week it’s just regular greek yogurt, but it is so good!

Greek yogurt is very good for you. Not only is greek yogurt low on calories and contains no fat, it is high on protein to help you build muscles as well as helping you feel more full so you don’t over eat. Greek yogurt also helps your body fight bladder infections and yeast infections. It can also improve intestinal health and reduce diarrhea.

My family love fruit at the bottom greek yogurt, but I also buy plain, vanilla, or honey flavors when there is a sale to give them other uses. We use plain greek yogurt for our tacos instead of sour cream. I’ve also seen recipes on Pinterest where you use greek yogurt as a healthy alternative in pancakes. You can also take a dry pack of ranch and mix it in plain greek yogurt to create a healthy ranch dressing (which is my number one bad food weakness!).

Right now I have Chobani Greek Yogurt in my fridge because I got it in the 10/$10 sale last week. This week Meijer has Yoplait Greek Yogurt on sale for $.89 cents each plus you can get a $.60 cents off 2 coupon Here, making them $.59 cents each.


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