Save on Formula: If I only knew then what I know now.

I believe I have mentioned before that if you sign up on formula brand websites, you have the chance of receiving samples and coupons for the products.

Now, in the past I hadn’t received anything very ‘post worthy.’ Recently I have received a pack of trial size Enfamil formula with coupons. Also a whole can of Similac formula and a whole can of Similac Sensitive formula. Along with 4 $5.00/1 coupons! When small cans or pre-mixed formula goes on sale, I can get it for free or for just a few cents with those coupons. When Brody was a baby, we paid close to $25.00 for the can of regular Similac and they sent me a ‘sample’ of the same size.

Getting free samples and deals like this makes me wish I would have known about couponing, deal hunting, and free samples years ago. Getting surprises like this in the mail would have helped make things much easier with a newborn on an even tighter budget than we have now.

The samples don’t expire until late 2013-2015. I’m going to hang on to my samples for a while. If I don’t end up using/needing them a few months before they expire, I donate them to our local Women’s Center.

If you haven’t signed up for these sites yet, do so now to start saving for your baby or help others save for their’s. Head over to Similac, Enfamil, and Good Start to sign up. Also keep an eye out for Walmart or Sam’s Club free sample formula that I will post every time I see they are available.

Have you already signed up for these offers or plan to sign up for them? What are you going to do with your coupons and samples, hang on to them, give them to someone, or donate them?


Healthy Snack of the week

My favorite healthy snack this week is greek yogurt. I know, last week it was frozen greek yogurt and now this week it’s just regular greek yogurt, but it is so good!

Greek yogurt is very good for you. Not only is greek yogurt low on calories and contains no fat, it is high on protein to help you build muscles as well as helping you feel more full so you don’t over eat. Greek yogurt also helps your body fight bladder infections and yeast infections. It can also improve intestinal health and reduce diarrhea.

My family love fruit at the bottom greek yogurt, but I also buy plain, vanilla, or honey flavors when there is a sale to give them other uses. We use plain greek yogurt for our tacos instead of sour cream. I’ve also seen recipes on Pinterest where you use greek yogurt as a healthy alternative in pancakes. You can also take a dry pack of ranch and mix it in plain greek yogurt to create a healthy ranch dressing (which is my number one bad food weakness!).

Right now I have Chobani Greek Yogurt in my fridge because I got it in the 10/$10 sale last week. This week Meijer has Yoplait Greek Yogurt on sale for $.89 cents each plus you can get a $.60 cents off 2 coupon Here, making them $.59 cents each.

Why I always need a good shaving cream stock pile (long over due, but worth sharing)

I think it’s been mentioned a few times now in some recent posts, but it’s true. I’ve really needed shaving cream!!

Lets start from the beginning…

For Brody’s Easter gift we moved him into the downstairs “big boy” bedroom. With all the fans going in the summer time, we can’t hear anything else going on in the house which means we are (finally)making use of our baby moniter.

The moniter has been working fabulously, but Brody has learned that some how we can magically hear him and he has developed stealth, super sneaky ninja abilities. These abilitieshave helped him sneak up stairs to our room along with getting into some mischief.

Mischief is what he was getting into when he was supposed to be sleeping a few nights ago…

We thought he was sleeping and then I heard a noise, not from the moniter, but by the steps. I went to see what he was up to and I smelled a weird smell. Like cleaner or…bleach!! I had a mini heart attack, until I looked down and saw my pink nail polish was opened. Then I was angry when I saw my coffee table now had new pink squiggly designs on it.

I told Brody to get to bed and as I walked by the bathroom, the cleaner smell grew stronger. I turned and saw my bathroom was completely covered with the blue foam of shaving cream! Brody had redecorated the bathroom with an entire bottle of shaving cream.

After AJ came downstairs to see the damage and got after Brody for his “mischief” (which, let me tell you, Daddy is a huge softy for Brody) I had Brody grab a towel and help me clean it all up before he went to bed. While we cleaned and Brody’s crying calmed down, he started telling me that cleaning was his job and he was getting very into it. I told him it wasn’t a good job to have and he better think twice before he touches Daddy’s shaving cream again.

He said “Oh, I’ll never do that again,” and then the sobs starts coming back, “Because…I never want Daddy…to be mad again!!!” And the waterworks started up again.

Personally, I thought AJ took it a little too easy on him. I guess it doesn’t matter how he is punished, it’ll always break his heart when his Daddy is upset with him.

Lessons learned:

  • Since this all happened at a time when I didn’t have any back up shaving cream, I learned to start couponing for it and stocking up.
  • Brody learned that I do not want the house redecorated with shaving cream and nail polish.
  • We all learned that you can’t always trust the baby moniter.

I did end up finding some great deals on shaving cream at Meijer that week, thankfully. So we are all set for a while. Now if only I could get my husband to shave more freguently…


Got any funny kid stories? Share them in the comments section. Feel like it’s too good or detailed of a story for just a comment? Send me an email about making a guest post!

Weekly Menu 8/27-9/2

One of the best ways to start saving money fast is to make a weekly meal plan.  This will help you from making last-minute trips to the store to get a meal or stop you from having to order out or have the husband stop at the nearest drive thru on the way home from work.

I got this board at Meijer on clearance for about $5. I have seen posts on Pinterest about how to make your own though with a glass picture frame and a dry erase marker. All in all, having an actual plan out for the whole family to see works the best because then no one has to ask “What’s for dinner?”

Breakfast and lunch do not always go as planned for us because my 3-year-old doesn’t always want cereal that is on the board or he’ll get a good craving for a peanut butter sandwich instead of lunchables. That doesn’t bother me very much. As long as I have an idea of what we have available out in writing.

Dinner is my main concern. As I’ve mentioned in the past, my husband loves to cook, so he is the head chef in our household. I have him sit down with me and help me decide what we can make for dinner every week and I try to get him to let me cook a few days too (those are mainly the Hamburger Helper days because the man can cook you the perfect gourmet meal, but he screws up Hamburger Helper…Don’t ask!).

So here’s what dinner will look like at our house this week:

  • Monday: Chicken fried rice with sweet potato fries
  • Tuesday: Italian hotdogs with veggies and pasta
  • Wednesday: Hamburger Helper with veggies (guess whose cooking that night!)
  • Thursday: Southwest Turkey burgers with veggies and tater tots
  • Friday: Pancakes, potatoes, peppers, and sausage (I also make a mean batch of pancakes!)
  • Saturday: We plan on a date night this week but Saturdays are normally a free-for-all for us since we’ve normally got a lot of things going on.
  • Sunday: AJ likes to make a big Sunday dinner every week. And when all else fails, we go to Subway because the one by our house has a Buy 2 footlongs get 1 free sale on Sundays, but this week we are planning on spaghetti

I am currently planning on doing a weekly freezer cooking board as well so I can start getting into the habit of doing that.

What do you think of weekly menu planning? Is it something you already do or would like to get into? What are you planning on having for dinner this week? Please share some delicious recipes with us!


PS: I was planning on making this post yesterday but it ended up getting away from me, hope it is still a useful read today!

Zulily John Deere Boots sale

Zulily is having a sale on John Deere Boots for Kids and Toddlers up to 70% off!

This sale ends Thursday 8/30 so hurry and grab your favorite pair! 

Who is your family is going to love these boots? I know my son would be extremely excited to get a pair of “working boots”.

If you would like a Zulily Membership (which is free!), let me know and I can send you a request.

Tide NFL Offer

Tide is giving away free NFL Towels! Click here, Enter a UPC code from a Tide product (037000090908), and then enter the promo code (92298033).

They give you the option of which NFL team you would like on your towel. I picked the Detriot Lions and I’ll probably save it for my son for one of his Christmas gifts.

Which team are you going to get and who is it for?


Healthy Snack of the week.

Healthy Choice has a new Greek Yogurt out that is amazing!! I tried this last night after I decided to start doing a “Healthy snack of the week” post every week and I litterally fell in love with it.

I tasted like ice cream and it has fruit in it. Also, they only have 100 calories in them which makes it the best desert I’ve had in a while.

These delicious creations are only $2 at Meijer this week. PLUS use this $1/1 Coupon to get them for only $1!

Please let me know what flavor you tried and what your favorite healthy snack is this week!

Unexpected Purell Deal

On Saturday, during my longer than expected trip to Meijer, I found an awesome unexpected deal on trial sized items.  Which are one of my favorites to shop for.

Trial size items are great for storing in your purse or diaper bag, putting in a gift basket, donating to women’s centers or homeless shelters, or even for everyday use.

At Meijer last week all trial sized items were B2G1 Free (buy two get one free).  This deal caught me by surprise, so I started filling the cart with deodorant, shaving cream, baby soap, shaving cream, razors, shaving cream (have I mentioned shaving cream yet?  I needed it!  That’s another story though).  Then I cam across trial sized Purell Hand Sanitizer.  I remembered that I had some Purell coupons from last Sunday’s paper.

The coupon was $1.00 off any 3 Purell products of any size.  Combined with a B2G1 Free deal, I only paid $1.00 for 3!  I ended up grabbing about 9 of them.  I plan on making a gift bag for Brody’s Pre-School teacher that he can give her on the first day of school along with all the other school supplies deals that I get my hands on and the gift basket will most likely be a Thirty-One bag (of course!).

I am posting these unexpected deals to remind you how useful it is to bring your coupon binder to the store with you.  I wouldn’t have gotten this great deal with out bringing my binder with me.

Don’t forget to share your unexpected deals with me, tag me in your haul pictures on Facebook, and share my page with your friends.  The more likes that the page gets, the more giveaways we can do and I have lots of giveaways lined up so get to sharing!

Keep on saving,