And The Winners Are…

The first 5 winners of the monthly coupon giveaway are…

Drum roll please…

  1. Amanda Burns
  2. Tracy Van Leeuwen
  3. Stephanie Lewis
  4. Kimberly Hayman
  5. Ramon Valerie Contreas


Congratulations everyone! Please email me at with your name, address, and some information about you. Such as if you have children, babies, pets, and so on. (I don’t want to give anyone dog food coupons if they don’t have a dog).

I will be doing another drawing shortly. I have LOTS of coupons to get rid of!

I plan to have this giveaway as a monthly thing, but remember, I have a whole lot of coupons right now to give away, I might not have as many next month, but I might have even more the month after.

And the only way to get entered in the giveaway is to ‘like’ my Facebook page. No hoops to jump through or anything. So share my Facebook page with friends so they can get entered as well.


This giveaway is not sponsored by or in anyway associated with Facebook.


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