My Happy Home

I’m not sure if it’s the new decor we’ve got, the family hand-me-downs, or just the fact that I’ve cleaned, but after 3 years of living in this house I’m finally starting to fall in love with our little home.

It is not perfect by any means. And I’m sure that some people who stop to visit look around and are thankful that they don’t live here. Who could blame them though? We need new carpet, some of the cupboards in the kitchen need to be replaced, almost every bedroom/bathroom door has a hole in it, and the wood paneling is a little bit of an eye sore. And let’s not get started on the downstairs bathroom… Seriously, who ever designed that bathroom did not this about elbow at all when they put the toilet in a small space between the shower and the wall!

But lately it is starting to rub off on me. It is feeling more like a home and less like just a house we’re living in for now.

Brody and Mommy his first week home.

I’m very proud of the investment we made on buying this house. We got an amazing deal on it and the mortgage payment is small and easy to pay every month, even if we’re struggling to get by. And no matter what, we’ll end up being able to make a profit when we are able to sell it.

Although I will be happy and extremely excited to buy a new house and move out of this one, I will probably feel just a little sad to leave this chapter of our lives behind.

This is where our little family started. This is the place we brought Brody to when he was born. This is the place we missed while away on our honeymoon. Brody took his first steps in the kitchen, he said his first words in the living room, and he learned to peddle a bike in the driveway.

Maybe that’s what it is, all the memories and big events in our lives lead back to this house, I mean home. Our lives have changed so much after buying this home and they continue to change every year. This house helped make our family what it is and what it is going to be tomorrow.

So I am thankful for this house and proud to call is our’s. It’s not perfect and it’s no palace, but at the end of the day it’s not about the money we spent on it, but the time we spent in it together.

Brody and AJ sleeping on the little twin mattress we had in the living room before we got a bigger couch.


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