Who needs a workout buddy when you got a dog?

While I was sitting on my butt for an hour, letting Pinterest take over my life, I finally started searching for more productive pins.  My Fitness inspiration folder quickly began to become full of pins within a matter of minutes.

I came across a pin called Couch to 5k Plan.  After reading it, I realized when I went into my little running phase last year, I was going about it all wrong.  Instead of just jumping in feet first (pun intended) and begin running thinking that maybe someday it would become easier, this plan puts everything into weekly levels.  This helps you progress every week until you are able to run a 5k.

I have always wanted to run a 5k, especially one for charity (I don’t know if you’ve learned that about me yet, but I LOVE donating to charities and volunteering).  I’m hoping this program helps me be able to reach this personal goal and maybe a few fitness goals along the way.

Today was day 1 of week 1 for me and let me tell you, it kicked my butt!  In the end, I feel really good about it though.  It feels good to work up a good sweat.

I made it 18 minutes of what was originally supposed to be 20 minutes of jogging and walking.  If my dog, Dozer, wasn’t with me though, I don’t think I would have made it any more than 10 minutes!  Thanks Dozer!

So, you may be asking, what is to come of this new hobby.  AJ and I have wanted our family to start eating more healthy foods anyways, and AJ wants to start working out too, but he’d rather do it at home than work.  I will be updating on my progress and how my work outs go, along with healthy food deals and coupons.

Let me know if you have ever ran a 5k or plan to.  I’d also like to hear what everyone does to save money while still eating healthy.  To see more of my Fitness Inspiration pins and other helpful pins, follow me on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/motherhood4.


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