Guest Posts Ideas

I am considering the idea of accepting guests to submit posts that I can put up on the blog.  I think it’d be nice for the other readers and myself to see things the way another person sees them.

It may be about what you do to live frugal, your experiences with couponing, your experiences as a mom (funny moments, proud mommy moments, embarrassing moments), your own Potty Time Update, a great deal you found, an awesome shopping trip for you, a DIY craft, Freezer cooking for you, or a Last Nights Dinner (a post about feeding your whole family for under $10).

If you think of anything along these lines and decide to write something, email your submission to and I will read it and decide if it is something that I think the readers will be interested in reading.

I think this could be a really fun idea so please don’t be shy and let me know if you are interested in doing this. And please remember, my blog isn’t only about couponing, it’s about being a mother in general and also it’s about living more frugal, not just with coupons. So don’t feel like your submission has to be able couponing only. If you choose to, your post may be submitted anonymously. And posts may be submited by other bloggers.

Please let me know and we can get started right away.


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