Clean Clothes Make Me Smile

Hello Readers,

Sorry I have been absent all weekend.  It was well worth it and very relaxing though.  We finally bought a new-used washing machine and my wonderful sister gave us her old dryer (which is in great condition).  So, I basically have been doing laundry all weekend and relaxing with my boys.

We bought our washer at a place in Sparta, MI called Andy’s Appliances.  We paid only around $225 for it, which is a great deal!  They gave us a 90 day warranty and if anything ever happens to it, they will come to our house and fix it for us.  If you live in the West Michigan area and are looking for new appliances, make sure to check them out.  They seemed all about customer service and satisfaction, which is something I will personally pay top dollar for.

Then yesterday, we went to Sam’s Club and bought a freezer for $160 (another awesome deal!).  We were looking at it and I asked AJ if he wanted to go look at the car (we drive a Volks Wagon Passat) and measure to see if it would fit.  Confident that it would fit, he bought it, along with some Sam’s Club sized freezer goods to put in it. 

Sure enough, we get out to the car and it won’t go in.  Won’t fit into the trunk, won’t fit into the backseat, and won’t fit into the front seat…

In his defense, it would have fit if the doors weren’t curved so funny because it is just a small freezer.

Lucky for us, my father-in-law loves us and came to the rescue!

Now that the freezer is home and safe, be very prepared for this blog to get filled with frozen food deals and freezer meals (which I am very excited to start doing!).  AJ told me I need to keep it filled, so that is my goal.

I’m very happy that we have been able to use our tax refunds on things that will better our family and that we know will be used.  We have also bought parts for both the Jeep and Passat and my frugal husband even did that the right way.  He found a mail-in-rebate for that turned my $160 exhaust into a $95 exhaust.  I’m a very proud wife.

After paying off a little debt, a few appliances, and some car parts, we are hoping to have enough of our refund left over to do a little more remodeling on our house (for a good price of course) and have some left to save for a long weekend in Traverse City, MI this summer.  I plan on making post for both of these events to show everyone how much money we saved.  I feel like even though you have a larger sum of money than you normally would, there is no need to blow it since you (hopefully) wouldn’t do that with the amount of money you have regularly.

Make sure to Follow my blog so you are updated on future posts, especially the posts on remodeling and vacation.  I will be back from my little personal weekend tonight and tomorrow morning with more deals, samples, and other mom-like-things.  Don’t forget to ‘Like’ me on Facebook and Follow me on Pinterest.

Thank you for reading,



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