Last Night’s Dinner: Everyone Eats for $7.00!

                People often ask why I find it so important to coupon and to always look for on sale/clearance items.  My answer always is; to feed my family at a better price.

                I feel that making enough food for 3-5 people for under $10.00 is a hard task to complete.   $5.00 or under is even more difficult to accomplish.  But with coupons, deal match-ups, and keeping a look out for clearance deals, I can make it happen and so can you!

                Last night, my husband, AJ, and I put together a delicious dinner.  After doing the math, we found that our tasty meal cost us only around $7.00.


1 White Onion – 25 cents                                              1 Orange Pepper – $1.00

1 lb Garlic Tomato Sausage – $2.00 (on clearance at Leppinks)

2/3 Box Rotini Pasta – .66 cents                                  1 Jar Roasted Red Pepper Pasta Sauce – $1.19

1 Jar of Water (use sauce jar)                                     ½ Container of Mushrooms – .50 cents

1 Tbl. Spoon Italian Seasoning    2 Tbl. Spoon Parmesan                  1 Mini Loaf Garlic Bread – .99 cents

Sautee veggies with Italian Seasoning and 1 Tbl. Spoon of olive oil.  Add Sausage to the veggies and crumble.  Drain sausage if needed.  Add pasta sauce and water.  Stir.  Add pasta and cook on low, covered until pasta is tender.  More water may be needed.

This was a great alternative to spaghetti.  And you can modify it to what kind of vegetables you have available or prefer.  You could even make a vegetarian meal by just adding extra veggies or even a can of tomatoes.

There was enough for all 3 of us.  Brody loved it and ate his whole bowl.  AJ and I had a second helping each.  Then there was enough left over for AJ and Brody to have lunch today.  That’s why I say 3-5 people because I think if we had company over, we wouldn’t have had to make anything extra and everyone would still be full.

This cheap meal was possible by just matching store deals with coupons and keeping a look out for unadvertised clearance items.

What’s the cheapest price you’ve spent on dinner for the family? 

Please let me know if you have any questions about this recipe or the deals I got.  Email me with any suggestions.  Follow my blog to stay updated on all my post.  Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest and share my Facebook page with a friend.


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