What’s to come this weekend.

These are my blogging plans for the weekend.

Thursday:  Tomorrow I plan on grocery shopping at Meijer.  I will post my best deals and my savings afterwards.  I will also be posting any free samples I find that I believe are worthy of posting.  Then I will spend most of the rest of the day cleaning, de-cluttering, and working on new posts for the future.

Friday:  My husband and I are going to a concert with my Brother Friday, so you wont be hearing much from me that day.  I will do my best to post whatever freebies I find in the morning and early afternoon though.

Saturday:  Later Saturday afternoon, you should expect to hear more from me.  I will be posting freebies, maybe some rewards sites info, preparing for a Walmart shopping trip, and more.  All while still working on future posts.

Sunday:  I will be posting most of this day.  Everything from freebies, to next weeks deals, to new coupons, and maybe more info on The Coupon Project. 

I am planning many more posts in the future.  I know I have a lot of expecting mothers and mothers of little ones reading so I’m working on a couponing for baby section.  I also have a lot of de-cluttering and organizing ideas I plan on sharing, along with eating healthy while couponing idea, and so much more! 

So this is just a peek at what we have to look forward to in the future.  To stay up to date, make sure to follow my blog, ‘Like’ my Facebook page, follow me on Pinterest, and share my blog/page with friends.

I am truly thankful for all the love and support I am receiving from my readers so far.  You are all amazing.  Please continue reading, commenting with your thoughts, opinions, and kind words, and emailing me any of your questions or suggestions.


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