Potty Time: To Flush or Not to Flush

Brody is doing awesome with potty training lately.  He is getting to the point where he just goes to the bathroom by himself when he needs to go.  He’ll even tell me when he has to go when we are in stores or restaurants.  He is very confident and constantly tells me that he is a big boy and is almost as big as Daddy.

                We had to take a trip to Kalamazoo to visit my brother’s house for my niece’s birthday party at the beginning of the month.  This is about a 2 hour drive for us.  Brody did so well the whole time.  And even though there was a lot of excitement and distractions at the party, he did very well going potty every time he had to.

                We do still have him wear pull-ups to bed at night though.  I think he might be able to last through the night without them since he’ll wake up and the pull-ups are still mostly dry, but we still don’t have a washing machine in the house so I really don’t want to risk it.  When our tax returns come back, we’ll be getting a new washing machine and then we’ll start that next step.  But even with a pull-up on at night, he’ll wake up and use the bathroom when he has to instead of going in the pull-up, so that’s a good sign!

                We did have one incident the other day.  Brody went to the bathroom by himself and did a little dance the whole way in because he had to go so bad.  I heard the toilet flush, then screaming.  I ran in the bathroom trying to figure out what was wrong.  Brody just pointed at the toilet, screaming bloody murder!  I asked him what was wrong and told him to use his words so I could help and he wailed, “My UNDERPANTS!!!” while pointing at the toilet…

                He had flushed his Lightening McQueen underwear down the toilet.

                He proceeded to cry as I dressed him in new underwear and explained to him how naughty that was and that those underwear were now gone and Daddy could not get them out.  He then cried more.  I told him that only pee, poop, and toilet paper get flushed down the toilet, nothing else.

                He sat at dinner with his shoulders hunched over and the worst frown you’ve ever seen.  Every time I told him to take a bite of his food, he do a little wiggle/kick move and say “Underpants…”

                Now I don’t know if he purposely put the underwear in the toilet or if they fell in or if he didn’t know they were there until the toilet was flushed.  I did later find the pants he was wearing stuffed between the toilet and the wall, hidden.  He had peed his pant.  Maybe he was trying to hide it so he wouldn’t get in trouble?  I don’t know.  Maybe he thought I wouldn’t notice that he walked in the bathroom dressed, and then came out half naked. 

                A life lesson has been learned this month, and that lesson is; if you put something in the toilet and flush, you will more than likely never get it back.


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