Couponing for Newbies: How to get even more coupons!

Now that you know where to find coupons, we should go over how you can get even more coupons.  Most of the time you can get your extra coupons for free too!

Buy more papers:  One obvious way to get more coupons is to buy more than one Sunday paper.  You can search online to find what kind of inserts are going to be in the paper, and if you look hard enough you can find out what coupons will be in those inserts.  After some research, you can plan accordingly how many papers you will buy.

Ask around:  Ask friends and family if you get the Sunday paper, then ask if they use their coupon inserts or if they only look through them, take what they need, then throw the rest away.  Let them know that instead of throwing away unused coupons, you can take them off of their hands.

                You could post on you Facebook every Sunday and Monday asking for inserts.  I’m sure someone will answer.  I used to buy 3 papers at a time.  Now, because of friends and family, I only buy one.  I don’t necessarily need to buy that one paper, but I like to have the ads on Sunday so I can match up prices.

Use multiple computers:  Print even more awesome, money saving coupons by stopping at close friends’ or families’ houses to use their computers.  You could also go to your local library.  Or, if you have more than one computer in your house, use all of them to get as many of the same coupons as you need.

                Like I mentioned before, you can only print 2 of the same coupon per computer.

Ask your neighborhood and community:  You can probably easily tell which one of your neighbors gets the Sunday paper delivered to their house.  Ask them if they use their coupons or not.  You be surprised by how many people don’t use their coupons. 

                You could also ask the parents of your kids’ friends, people in any clubs you are a member of, coworkers, or your spouse’s coworkers.

Left over papers:  Go to your local stores or gas stations and ask the manager what they do with the left over Sunday papers.  Some just throw them, some have to send them back, and some sell them clearance the next day.  Ask around and find out what they do in your area.

Check cafes and restaurants:  I’ve heard of people getting a paper, and then going out for coffee.  When they’re done with their coffee or breakfast and reading the paper, they sometimes leave the paper there on the table with the coupons untouched.  I’ve never tried this before, but if you happen to pass a McDonald’s or Starbucks late Sunday morning, stop in and see if you can score some coupons.

Craigslist:  Maybe you don’t have many friends or family members that get the paper or you don’t live close to the ones that do.  Try posting a Craigslist add asking people in your local area for coupons.

Swap and Trade:  Let’s say you have a dog, but no children.  You’re going to want more of those dog food and treats coupons that come in the paper, rather than the diaper coupons that you probably won’t be using.  Ask friends that have children and no pets if they are willing to trade the baby coupons you get for the dog coupons they get.  This could be used in many ways, this is just an example.

                You could also do something like this with the Craigslist idea.  Ask local people in your community if they are will to trade coupons with you.

Dumpster Diving…?:  Hmm…Not for me, but you may try it if you are desperate!

                What do you do to get more coupons?  Do you do anything on my list or do you have your own ideas?  I’d love to hear from everybody!  Please leave me your thoughts or questions in the comment section.  You can also email me with any ideas, questions, or concerns at

                Thank you for reading and don’t forget to follow my blog, follow me on Pinterest, ‘like’ me on Facebook, and share my page/blog with your other frugal friends!


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