Couponing for Newbies #2:: Where to find Coupons

                When first starting couponing there’s one thing you are probably lacking…coupons!  And to become an excellent couponer and score all the great deals to stock up your pantry, first you need a decent coupon stock.

                So where can we find these things that are so darn important?  There are actually several sources that have coupons available and most of them are free.

  • Sunday Paper:  One obvious one is the Sunday Paper.  The Grand Rapids Press is $2.00 on Sunday.  While the Big Rapids paper is $1.00 on Sundays, but doesn’t always include all the coupon inserts.  The main Sunday inserts are Smartsource and Redplum along with the occasional Proctor & Gamble and General Mills.
  • Magazines:  Another way to get coupons in to get magazines like ‘All You’ magazine.  You can either subscribe to this magazine or you can purchase it at Walmart.  Every issue I’ve bought has had between $50 to over $100 in coupons inside. 

I enjoy the magazine in general as well.  It contains many useful articles about saving money, being frugal, crafts, recipes, de-cluttering, and more.  You can find deals on subscriptions at or  I will post any deals that I find on it.  It is also fairly affordable at Walmart off the rack if you just want to try it out.

  • Print:  Now that we’ve covered where to buy coupons, we can go over free coupons.  One of the best coupon sources are printable coupons found online.  There are several sites to get these coupons from:
  4. – This shows all the places to find General Mills coupons.
  6. – This is a points earning website that offers coupons.  You’ll receive 10 points for each coupon you use.  You can save up your points to redeem Amazon gift cards, PayPal gift cards, and so much more.  Join the site to day by going to and start earning!

Most printable coupons only allow you to print 2 of the same coupon per computer.  So if you found a printable coupon for $5.00 off any Enfamil product, you would only be allowed to print 2 of those off if you have only one computer available to you.

  • Samples:  Requesting free samples online is another awesome way to score coupons.  Most companies that are willing to send out free samples are also willing to send you a great coupon or two to get you to buy their product.

If you sign up for an All You subscription they will send you an email called “Today’s Free Samples.”  They send that email everyday and I find that there is normally always good stuff to get.  You can also visit  This is where I find almost all of the free samples that I sign up for.  ‘Like’ her page on facebook and tell her that Motherhood Isn’t for the Weak sent you!

  • Catalinas Coupons:  Lots of stores offer special promotions during sales that offer coupons that print out at the checkout when you purchase certain products.  Sometimes they could be coupons for cash off your next purchase, coupons for money off a specific product, of even a coupon for a free product. 

              For example: many times when Meijer has Yoplait Yogurt on sale, they also have a deal when you buy 20; you get $2.00 off your next purchase.  That $2.00 coupon will print at the register when you pay.  So try to pay close attention to the ads and make notes on what could print for you at the cash register.

  • Peelies:  In stores, if you pay close attention in every aisle you may find coupons right under your nose.  Sometimes they are stickers on boxes, tags on a 2 liter, or even a pad of ‘Take one’ coupons.  Just keep your eyes open and you might find a few amazing coupons you can use on that shopping trip or save for a later day.
  • “The Coupon Project”:  One more great way to get coupons is something I like to call The Coupon Project.  The Coupon Project is when you email companies, requesting coupons or samples.  The coupons the company sends you are normally better than any you’d find elsewhere. 

              Check my previous post about The Coupon Project and make sure to follow my blog so you know when the next post is up.  Also let me know how you do on your own coupon project!

                There are so many easy ways to get your coupon stock built up.  Just look for coupons in the places I listed and you’ll be swimming in coupons in no time!  I hope this post is some help to you new couponers and even to some of the vets.

                Be sure to leave any questions or comments in the comments section below.  Don’t forget to follow my blog, ‘like’ my Facebook page, and share it with a friend


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