Meijer shop #1!

Earlier, I said that I would only be spending around $21 before taxes on my shopping trip today. Well, you know how it goes…Get to looking around, find some deals you didn’t see before, find some clearance kids clothes, realize you have baby formula coupons, and then decide that you need fruit and all that. I ended up spending $42.80. Now that’s including a fruit bowl that was on clearances at $7.20, a shirt for Brody (my son), and an outfit for my niece that was all on clearance, hangers for both of them that were only .75 cents each, and extra yogurt for my dad because he just got his teeth pulled.

The picture below is of all the stuff I got for $1.00 or less today. The baby formula was .39 cents each after $5.00 off coupons. One of the baby cereals were free with a coupon and the other I paid about .60 cents for after a $1.00 off coupon. They both came with $2.00 mail in rebates, so I will be getting paid to have them anyways! And the two jars of baby food were free with a coupon. The coupons for the cereal and for the baby food were all sent to me after I sign up for the Beech-nut member promotion they have at their website. Now I don’t have a little baby right now, but I know people who do or who are expecting so .39 cents and free are great prices for all of these!!






So, like I said before, I spent a total of $42.80 after coupons. The question is, how much did I save? After Meijer sales, coupons, and bottle returns, I saved $69.30!!! That is about 62% savings! One of my best shopping trips yet! And everything I got, my family will use or I know someone who needs it. Plus, I got even more than what I showed you in the picture.


Share your shopping trip savings with me in the comments and don’t forget to ‘like’ me on Facebook and have your friends and family do the same.


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2 thoughts on “Meijer shop #1!

  1. Nice job Chelsea. I’ll have to list out my Meijer savings and send to you. Another good deal at Meijer is the “Heluva Good” dip. It is on price drop for $1.19, and I had $.75 off coupons, so I got 4 tubs of it for $.44 each! 🙂

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