Potty Time!

My husband and I have been potty training our son for a little while now. Some days are good, some…not so much.

He is starting to tell me when he has to go potty and goes all by himself. Sometimes he only makes it to a foot from the toilet (he would have made it to the toilet if he just would have listened to me, because Mommy knows best). He has reminded me (several times) that accidents happen.

We were trying to get him to wear “big boy” underwear to bed at night, but after 3 nights of accidents (because they happen…), I decided to hold off on that step for a while. Did I mention our washer is broken?! Not the best time to wet the bed in this house.

He does do very well at nap time though. There is no need for pull-ups then as long as he uses the bathroom before and after his nap.

But it is all starting to come together. He has been consistently going on the potty with fewer accidents every week. He even knows he has to stand up for ‘Number 1’ and sit down for ‘Number 2.’ He does great when we spend the day out of the house and has only had one accident while we were out. Luckily, that one happened at the laundromat! Perfect timing.

I would like to know, how old was your child when potty training started and how old were they when they were fully potty trained? Was it a tough process or easy? Or, if you’re not quite to this stage yet, at what age to you plan to introduce potty training to your child? Please share any stories, comments, or advice you may have for me or other moms.

Thank you for reading,



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