The Future

So as you can tell, I have switched blogs. I’ve heard much more positive feedback about wordpress than blogger so I figured while I’m still starting out, I might as well switch while it’s still easy to do.

I have alot planned for future posts. Such as my Walmart shopping experiences, more information on rewards sites, couponing for baby, healthy couponing, Sam’s Club finds, and a little something I like to call ‘The Coupon Project.” Plus, I’ve also made a Facebook page so it is easier to find my blog and so I’m not blowing up my personal Facebook with only blog related posts.

As you can see, I have so much planned for the next few weeks. I hope you continue reading and recommend my blog for your friends and family to read. My number one goal is to share my experiences with living frugal for a family of three and I really hope my stories, experiences, and advice can help those trying to achieve a similar lifestyle.

So please, continue reading, ‘like’ me on Facebook, and follow my blog and I will continue to keep you posted on every deal, budgeting idea, and money saving tip I can.

Thank you for reading,



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